We’re looking for a Product Designer [Update: We’re good for now!]

We’re looking for a Product Designer [Update: We’re good for now!]

Update: Thanks for the applications everyone! We’re all set for now

We appreciate all the enthusiasm for our Product Designer role. For now, we are no longer accepting applications. Thanks again everyone!

Hello Bear friends! Nicola here, assuming temporary control of the blog to introduce our latest job opening—mine! We’re looking for a Product Designer.

First, a little bit of context. I’ve been friends and collaborating with the Shiny Frog team for nearly a decade. Then I joined in 2017 as an official member. But this month, I moved to Japan with my fiancée to start a new chapter in our lives. We’re looking for someone who can take over my role.

Our team’s relationship is one of the reasons why I wanted to personally introduce this job opening and the people themselves. While you are probably aware of how cool Bear is, you might not know much about the incredible team building it, and what a fantastic opportunity this is.

Speaking of opportunity, here we go:

Product Designer Wanted

Are you a Product Designer interested in the future of note taking and text editing on Apple devices? We have a job for you.

Shiny Frog is looking for a seasoned Product Designer to join our small but mighty team, remote or on-site in our office in Dublin, Ireland. This designer should have experience crafting mobile (iOS) and desktop (macOS) application experiences and interfaces. Bonus points if you specifically have experience with native macOS apps. It’s a vintage skill nowadays, we know, but it sure comes in handy with what we’re working on.

As a Product Designer at Shiny Frog, you will get to work on everything we create. Your contribution will shape the experience of millions of people worldwide, via Bear and other apps you haven’t heard of yet.

Now, while it goes without saying that you have to be good at what you do, the attitude is what will set you apart. Here’s what we’re looking for in a Product Designer:

Flexible: we’re a small, nimble, partially remote team and embrace all kinds of responsibilities, so roles are not set in stone
Opinionated: nobody here just follows orders (also because nobody technically gives them)
Good at giving and receiving feedback: we leave the ego at the door because what matters is the end result
Proactive: we care deeply about what we do and when we see opportunities or problems, we act
Problem solver: if we are not looking for a solution we don’t even bother complaining

Are you a fit?

If you think you have the paws to work on Bear, email us with a link to your portfolio and a few lines telling us why you think you would be a good fit for our team. It might take some time, but we’ll do our best to get back to you.

We also want to be clear about something: regardless of gender, ethnicity, background or anything else, you are welcome and encouraged to apply. The more diverse the team, the better.

Shiny Frog is an unconventional company. It’s a small and tight group of individuals that feels more like long time friends than colleagues: you can voice any need or concern and you’ll always be listened to and helped.

Here, you have the chance to work on one of the best apps in its category (and ahem also brace for what’s next ahem). I would argue it is actually the best, but I’m biased. The work is demanding, but never rushed. It’s a place where things happen at the right pace to make sure they are always great and satisfying once they’re done. That’s why encryption took so long and why the web version is still under construction. And tables? Don’t mention them (especially to Matteo). Just keep an eye out in the near future. But I digress!

For me, personally, working with this team has been a wonderful experience. I enjoyed all the time we spent together and I learned a whole lot from each of them. More than anything, though, I will be forever grateful for how gracefully they all supported my desire to move on, work on different things, and experience life in a different country. It’s a real shame that such a choice comes with the “side effect” of leaving the team, otherwise I would have never left.

All this is to say: if you think you’re a good fit, I definitely recommend you apply. Oh, did I mention that the company was first born in Parma, Italy and the food there is a sublime experience? Yeah, that’s one hell of a perk.

Thank you for reading, thank you for having me, and take care. Nicola out.

P.S: I’ll be here or here if you have any question.