Performance, UI improvements, and Better Themes! ✨📢🐻

Performance, UI improvements, and Better Themes! ✨📢🐻

2017 seems to be a really good year for Bear as we’ve already shipped a great update and we’ve just pushed out a new one! If you have missed some of those, here is a quick recap of what’s new:

UI additions

  • We did listen to what you suggested and we’ve added various sorting methods for notes and tags!
  • You can now swipe through all the attached files of the note after tapping on one of them
  • A new global search hotkey (⌘⇧F)


  • Faster and more memory efficient Evernote importer
  • Improved rendering and smoother scroll of the notes’ list


  • We improved the contrast and the colors of all the app themes, they should be much more readable and enjoyable!
  • As a side note, the .Docx exporter now includes styles, so it’s even easier to customise your document after exporting it.

Again, we wish you a joyful 2017! Keep an eye on this blog for more information and news!