Bear Pro is a great big bear hug for your notes, code, and prose

Bear Pro is a great big bear hug for your notes, code, and prose

We call Bear “a beautiful, flexible writing app for notes and prose,” and we mean it. Bear has been a labor of love for three years, but we’re just getting started.

We think Bear can help everyone can write better notes, blog posts, lists, stories, and even code, which is why we made its core features free on both iOS and Mac. But Bear also has a Pro version that unlocks even more fuzzy, wet-nosed amazingness, including:

  • Sync All the Things: A Bear Pro subscription enables us to build and maintain the sync infrastructure that keeps all your notes, lists, and code in step across your iPad, iPhone, and Mac.
  • More export options: TXT, RTF, and MD are available for free. Bear Pro unlocks PDF, HTML, DOCX, and JPG — that’s right, you can go straight from “great note” to “great Twitter textshot” with a single tap.
  • Create in your style: Bear ships with one core theme to get you started. Bear Pro unlocks all existing and future themes — currently we have eight — so you can create in a comfortable environment that speaks to you.

Put simply, Bear Pro also supports future development, including more features we’ll deliver exclusively to Bear Pro owners. We’re working on some great stuff for Bear Pro, and we’ll need your help to deliver it:

  • Note encryption with touch id
  • Tag autocompletion
  • HUD for quick note search
  • Multiple window for Mac
  • Table of contents
  • More themes and font

Bear Pro is $1.49 per month or $14.99 per year (a savings of 15 percent!). You can subscribe once on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac, and it will unlock everything on all your devices connected to that iCloud account.