Bear 1.2.2: The Not-So-Small Release

Bear 1.2.2: The Not-So-Small Release

Today seems like a great day to release Bear 1.2.2 for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, so that’s what we just did. It may have a small version number bump, but Bear 1.2.2 brings some not-so-small new features that have been requested by our stellar community on Reddit and Twitter.


Many, perhaps even all, your notes are special, but some parts of your notes are more special than others. Now, Bear allows you to highlight those parts in all their neon glory.

Notes break out of the Mac app

You asked, we listened. Now you can edit Bear notes, or simply bask in their brilliance, in separate windows (yes, plural!) simply by double clicking them in the notes list.

Remove Tags from Notes

You can always edit a note manually to remove tags. But Bear 1.2.2 has a new option to do it right from the sidebar and notes list, to make it easier when organizing multiple notes.

Mac: Click a tag in the sidebar to view all notes with that tag. Then, right-click any note and click “Remove tag (X)”

iOS: Tap a tag in the sidebar, swipe left on a note, tap More, and tap “Remove tag (X)”

More Special Search Options

Bear has a whole bunch of advanced search options, including what we call “Special Search” triggers. You can add things to your Bear searches like @untagged to find all untagged notes, @task for all notes that contain tasks, and @files for notes that have attachments.

In Bear 1.2.2, we’ve added two new, requested Special Searches: @today and @yesterday. As you might guess, these allow you to find all notes created today or yesterday, respectively.

Plenty More in This Release

Check the full release notes below for other goodies in Bear 1.2.2. There are new shortcuts for inserting the current date and time, note printing and AirDrop sharing on iOS, and opening notes in their own windows on Macs.

We hope you like Bear 1.2.2, and we’d love to hear what you think at (, Reddit and on Twitter @BearNotesApp.

Full Release Notes

  • Highlighting — Give important parts of your notes that that special neon glow they deserve
  • More Special Searches — Find all notes modified on the current day and the day before with new search modifiers: @today and @yesterday
  • Remove a Tag From a Note — Sometimes you just need to part ways with a tag, though hopefully it’s amicable and you can remain friends on Facebook.
  • Quick Time/Date Formatting — We added new shortcuts for inserting the current date/hours in various formats, such as “4 Jul 2017, 10:21” and “4 Jul 2017” and “04/07/2017, 10:21”
  • Various Bug Exterminations — We didn’t just ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ a few bugs. No, we called an exterminator, and they came to kick ass and chew bubble gum. But they were all out of bubble gum


  • Bear ❤️s AirDrop — Instantly send Bear notes to nearby people with AirDrop, now appearing in a share sheet near you. If your lucky recipient doesn’t have Bear, they’ll be able to choose another app for the note’s destination
  • Innovative new ‘Print Note’ Option — We’re empowering you to bring your Bear notes into the real world with an incredible new feature we call “Printing.” Yes, they’ll print as rich text
  • Share as Rich Text — Speaking of rich text, you can now share beautiful notes to selected applications including Mail, AirMail, Inbox, Gmail, and Spark
  • Fancy Note Counter Technology — The top of note lists now has a groundbreakingly innovative note counter. Guess what it does
  • Actionable Search Results — Swiping notes in search results now displays the same actions as you’ll find in note and tag lists
  • List Capitalization Technology — That thing where first word of each item in Markdown lists wouldn’t capitalize? Now it will


  • Innovative New ‘Open Notes in Their Own Windows’ Technology — Bear continues to blaze UI trails by allowing you to open notes in their own windows. Just double-click ‘em.