Bear for iOS gets drag and drop-ier, arrives on Apple Watch

When iOS 11 shipped, we were ready with support for drag and drop on iPad. “But wait a minute,” we said to ourselves. “We can go even farther.”

Then we went farther.

Introducing the Drop Bar

New in Bear 1.3 for iPad and iPhone is something we call the Drop Bar. The Drop Bar allows you to do all sorts of cool things to multiple notes at once — share, merge, pin, trash, duplicate, and copy or export in a variety of formats. It goes a little something like this:

  • Use the great new gestures in iOS 11 to select two or more notes (tap and hold on one, then another then another…)
  • Drag them a little to trigger the Drop Bar
  • Said spiffy new Drop Bar will appear at the bottom of the Notes List
  • Drag your notes onto it
  • A sheet will appear with a bunch of great options
  • Go to town!

Copy multiple notes to your clipboard as one big note, or export them all as one complete JPG to share on Twitter. Create template notes for work or journaling, then duplicate them all at once. Copy links to multiple notes at once to paste in other apps for quick access. Keep in mind that some export options, as well as sync and multiple themes, require Bear Pro.

The Drop Bar is seriously powerful. Play with it and let us know what you think.

Introducing Bear for Apple Watch

Yep, you can now basically wear Bear. Bring it everywhere you go, talk to your Bear, and never forget that great note idea again. Bear for Apple Watch makes it easy to:

  • Create new text notes simply by speaking to your Apple Watch. They’ll be transcribed into text and saved to Bear for iPhone
  • View your 10 most recent notes, including pinned notes
  • Annotate your 10 most recent notes with the sweet, sweet sound of your voice
  • Add the Bear complication to any Apple Watch face for one-tap note dictation. Bear will open straight to recording a new note

The Other Stuff

We dragged a bunch of bugs to the new Drop Bar, sent them to Trash, then emptied the Trash. Ok, maybe that isn’t how coding actually works, but trust us. Those bugs are gone.

We hope you like Bear 1.3 for iOS (and if you do, please leave a nice App Store review!). We’d also love to hear what you think at, on Reddit, and on Twitter @BearNotesApp.