Let’s celebrate International Polar Bear Day

Let’s celebrate International Polar Bear Day

We picked a polar bear for Bear’s icon partly because it was a fun way to portray the phrase that inspired the app’s name: “bear in mind.” But did you know polar bears are, like, actual animals that live in the Arctic?

International Polar Bear Day seems like a good time to learn some bear facts, so here we go.

Big carnivore bois

Did you know polar bears can weigh up to 1,600 pounds (725kg)? Turns out that makes them the largest living carnivores on Earth.

They’re polite

Speaking of food, polar bears touch noses to ask to share food.

Black and white

The distinctive white coat is only… hair deep. Polar bear skin is actually black, which helps them soak in the sun better.

Bear saves paper

Polar bears can’t write very well, but you can. Did you know that, for every note written in Bear, a sheet of paper gets its wings? Wait, that’s not right. But you probably get it.


Polar bears live in the Arctic, which comes from the Greek work Arktos, which means ‘bear.’ However, the region was named for bears not in the ground, but in space—the Great and Little Bear constellations that can be seen only in the northern hemisphere.

If you don’t get this heading’s reference, check out a great segment of the old Muppet Show: Pigs in Space.

Polar bears love snow baths

When a polar bear’s coat gets dirty—for example, after a meal—they rub and roll their body across the snow to clean their fur. Polar bears like to be clean and dry because matted, dirty, and wet fur is a poor insulator. And in Arctic extremes, insulation is kiiinda key.

Polar bears made the list

In addition to their biggest carnivore boi status, polar bears made it onto another list in 2008: endangered species. According to the WWF, there’s only around 22,000 – 31,000 left in the arctic. Thanks, climate change.

If you can, please consider giving to an organization that helps with polar bear conservation, such as Polar Bears International. They do both donations and symbolic adoptions.

Speaking of lists, Bear is great at making all kinds of lists, including todo lists with some handy perks. They’re a great way to keep together all your notes, writing, and tasks that need doing.

Happy International Polar Bear Day

We hope you got some good bear facts and even a couple tips from our little celebration of International Polar Bear Day.

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