Bear 1.7.15 is out with new features for wiki links, HTML export, and more

Bear 1.7.15 is out with new features for wiki links, HTML export, and more

Bear is many things to many people—a place to write, a tool to clip articles, even a way to organize your house. For those who like to create a personal wiki or body of work, or turn Bear notes into webpages, we have a nice update for you today.

Bear 1.7.15 is out for iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and it has some great new features for linking notes together and exporting notes as HTML files. Let’s cover the big stuff.

Wiki links for note headers

For a while now, Bear has supported linking notes together. With a simple [[, you can type to search for the name of a note, then press Return to create a link.

Now, once you find a note to link, press / (forward slash) instead of Return to link to a header within that note. It even works for linking to headers within the current note. While we are working on an actual ToC (table of contents) feature, this should hold you over for now. See it in action below.

HTML export for note wiki links

Export multiple notes that have wiki links to each other, and those links will now be converted to proper HTML links. Upload them to a web server near you, and they’ll behave like a typical, interlinking webpage.

A way to embed images in HTML exports

Use the new Base64 option when exporting a note to HTML with images. This will embed the image in the HTML file for more flexible portability.

iOS -> Preferences -> Import & Export
macOS -> Save Panel (⌘⇧S)

New themes for Bear Pro

Bear Pro Subscribers can write in fresh style with two new themes: Olive Dunk and D.Boring.

Better Markdown preview with Marked 2

Marked is a great Mac utility for previewing Markdown files. Now, you no longer need to authorize it to view Markdown previews from Bear.

Everything else

Bear 1.7.15 is available now in the App Store and Mac App Store. Check out the rest of the additions and changes below, and we’d love to hear from you on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, or directly at

More goodies and fixes

  • macOS: Changed label names in the Format -> Insert Current Date menu so you can create keyboard shortcuts
  • Glitch fixes for macOS Big Sur (macOS only -> Save Panel)
  • Localization improvements in the iOS extension, changed append/prepend with Start of.../End Of...
  • QLPreviewController export bug workaround
  • QLPreviewController markup tool orientation fix
  • Enex and HTML importer improvements
  • Various fixes for crashes and minor bugs
  • XCallback-URLs improvements:
  • /open-tag parameter name now takes a tag list as input
  • /add-text and /add-file takes a new parameter selected (current selected note, see /open-note)
  • /add-text and /add-file takes a new parameter clipboard (takes the text input from clipboard instead of passing it as a parameter)
  • /create takes a new parameter float to making the new note open in a floating window (see /open-note)