Bear Tips: How to create multi-word tags

One of Bear’s strengths is the ability to tag your posts on-the-fly and even create nested tags. We enable you to organize notes while keeping your hands on the keyboard.

However, if your notes cannot be constrained to #tags of mere individual words, Bear also supports multi-word tags. For example, let’s say your intergalactic fan-fiction doesn’t quite fit in tags of #Star and #Wars. You probably want to use #Star Wars#.

See what we did there? To add a multi-word tag:

  • Begin your tag like normal, with a pound sign and word but no space in between
  • Add more words, separated with spaces
  • Add a pound sign to the end of the final word
  • If you want to add another tag, press Space

Check out some more examples:

#Great blog posts about Bear#

#tech news#

#Bear is just the best ever#

#Taylor Swift#

#My Next Great Novel#

Remember, you can add tags anywhere in a note; they don’t have to be at the bottom. They simply need a pound sign or, in the case of multi-word tags, words wrapped in two pound signs.