Bear 1.4: The Tags Edition

Bear 1.4: The Tags Edition

Bear folks really like to tag. And we really like helping Bear folks to tag and find notes more quickly. If you’re nodding your head, this one’s for you.

If you aren’t nodding your head yet, this one is still for you.

Introducing Tag Autocomplete

It’s here.

We’ve all wanted autocomplete for tags for what feels like a decade (Wait. Actually, Bear has been out for just over a year! 🎉). Now it’s available in Bear for iPad, iPhone, and Mac to help you use the right tag every time.

To use Tag Autocomplete:

  • Tap the new Tag Autocomplete button (#) in Bear’s custom keyboard bar
  • OR, start a tag by typing a pound sign (#) anywhere in a note
  • The new Tag Autocomplete suggestion box appears with suggestions based on your existing tags
  • Scroll the tag list. Optionally, type a couple letters to narrow the suggestions
  • Tap the tag you want
  • No more accidental #tags and #tgas in your Sidebar!

Tip: If you’re using a hardware keyboard, arrow keys can scroll this list, and Return selects a tag.

Also, TagCons

Once you get a decent tag collection going, it can take longer to find the right one in your Sidebar. To help you do less scrolling and more finding in Bear 1.4, we added over 100 TagCons — small icons for some of the most popular tags we could find.

To be clear: No, we can’t see what tags you create (or your notes, for that matter). We just scoured places like Pinboard and social media. If you want a particular TagCon, let us know on Reddit at r/BearApp, at, or on Twitter @BearNotesApp with the hashtag #BearTagCons.

Also, ‘TagCon’ is sort of a working title for now. We haven’t written it in stone yet, but we didn’t want to wait on shipping the feature either.

Note Autocomplete too!

Did you know you can link notes in other notes? It’s a great way reference notes with important information, create a list of ongoing notes you’re working on, or build your own, personal Bearipedia. In Bear 1.4, we made note linking easier too!

Note Autocomplete works a lot like Tag Autocomplete. It has a button in the keyboard shortcut bar (kinda like a 📄). You can also trigger it anywhere in a note by typing double brackets, like this: [[

Either of those options will summon the Suggestion Box, and you can do your thing. Scroll the list of recent notes or type a few letters of a note’s title to narrow the list. Tap or press Return to select.

Apple Watch

Bear 1.4 for Apple Watch has some more 3D Touch convenience. You can now force press on a note to:

  • Add todos
  • Scribble something
  • delete it

You can also force press notes in the Note List to delete them.

Three new themes for Pro subscribers

If you’re a Pro subscriber, Bear 1.4 brings three new themes for you, including something special:

  • DuoTone Light
  • Snow
  • Dieci — A theme specifically for iPhone X to use the deep blacks of that sweet new OLED screen

Let us know what you think

Bear 1.4 is available now for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Let us know what you think of the new tags features at, on Reddit, and on Twitter @BearNotesApp.