Bear Tips: A trick to hide tags from the Sidebar

Bear Tips: A trick to hide tags from the Sidebar

We sometimes get requests for a way to keep some tags from appearing in the Sidebar. While we are considering a more official way to do this, there is a trick you can try now: use a Code Block.

For example: let’s say you’re a social media manager, or just a careful netizen, who wants to draft posts in Bear before publishing them. If you also want to draft the hashtags for these posts but don’t want them to appear in the Sidebar, try wrapping the post copy in a Code Block.

  • iPad and iPhone: Swipe left on the shortcut bar above the keyboard and tap the Code Block button highlighted above
  • Mac: Click the Pen button in the lower right of a note and choose Code Block, or click Format > Code Block (Command + Control + C)

Type whatever you want in the block that appears so you end up with something like this:

My inspiring instagram caption.
BestLife #MondayMotivation #ButOnATuesday

Once it’s time to publish, simply select the text in the code block and paste away.

Like we mentioned, we’re thinking about ways to easily exclude tags from the Sidebar. But for now, this might do the trick for your social media drafting and other tag-hiding needs. Let us know what you think:

Cover photo by Jacqueline Godany on Unsplash