Bear Tips: Make your important tags stand out with TagCons

Bear Tips: Make your important tags stand out with TagCons

As you add tags to your Bear notes, you’ll see them appear in the Sidebar on the left. Some of them even get little icons like a bar graph, pop culture reference, or something akin to emoji. Those are called TagCons, and you can do some fun stuff with them.

TagCons help your tags stand out in the Sidebar. Maybe you’re working on an important project, or you collect wild business ideas, or you simply use a tag often. Bear automatically applies relevant TagCons to popular tags like shopping, travel, games, conference, ideas, To Read, and many more. In fact, you can check out our large and growing collection of TagCons and their keywords.

Note: we cannot see any of your notes or tags. We create our TagCons keyword list by researching places like Twitter and Instagram, and listening to your feedback. You can learn more about our enthusiastic respect for your privacy.

Set your own TagCons

You can also pick your own TagCon for all tags in your Sidebar. Here’s how:


  • Long-tap on any tag in the Sidebar
  • In the menu that appears, tap Change Tag Icon


  • Select any tag in the Sidebar
  • At the top of the Notes List, tap the tag name
  • In the menu, tap Change Tag Icon


  • Right click a tag in the Sidebar
  • Click Change Tag Icon

Let us know what you think of TagCons or how your latest writing project is going!