Bear Tips: How to use Edit Mode to tap links, edit sketches

Bear Tips: How to use Edit Mode to tap links, edit sketches

We designed Bear so you can easily slip in and out of editing your notes. In fact, the shift in Edit Mode is pretty subtle, and it can affect how a few features work.

Put simply, Edit Mode is toggled whenever you tap or click on the Editor (Bear’s third, right-most pane where you edit notes). If you see a cursor, you’re in Edit Mode and you can start typing. However, Edit Mode also changes how some features behave, specifically:

  • links are not one-tap/clickable
  • existing sketches on iPad and iPhone cannot be edited

While editing a note, you can leave Edit Mode in a few ways:

  • Press Command + Return on a hardware keyboard. Bonus tip: yes, Bear for iOS has good keyboard support, even on iPhone!
  • Select a different note in the Note List
  • On an iPad or iPhone without a keyboard, swipe down on the note to hide the on-screen keyboard, or
  • Swipe right from anywhere in the Editor on iOS (not just from the left edge). We spent time making this feature, as we wanted to make it as convenient as possible to leave Edit Mode on iOS
  • On iPad with no keyboard, tap the hide keyboard button in the lower right

Once you leave Edit Mode, links become one-tap/clickable. On iPad and iPhone, you can also tap existing sketches to edit them.