Our blog has a new home and some new perks

Our blog has a new home and some new perks

Oh rapturous day! Our Notes & Prose blog has received an upgrade and redesign.

For starters, we moved our blog off of Medium and now use WordPress. This will give us more control over our content, media, layout, and new RSS feed (update your newsreaders!).

We also set up publishing to Apple News for those who like to read there. Our channel is currently powered by RSS, but we’re waiting for approval on switching to the official Apple News Format.

As for our Medium account, we haven’t decided what to do yet. We’re not sure whether to cross-publish key posts there or just stop using it entirely.

Either way, this blog will be the new home for all our content going forward, and we have some great stuff in the works. Be sure to bookmark, subscribe to our new feed in your newsreader, and tell all your friends.