Win a year of Bear Pro in Scribe’s short story writing challenge

Win a year of Bear Pro in Scribe’s short story writing challenge

Bear is a great place to write everything from a poem to your next post and even an entire novel. Short stories are also right at home in Bear, and one of yours could earn you a year of Bear Pro!

We’ve teamed up with Scribe for a writing challenge, and five winners will get a free year of Bear Pro. Scribe is a publication on Medium with 26,000 readers and a motto of “stories that matter.”

Far from the hustle and bustle of today’s society, the publication suggests, through the stories of its writers, that we take the time to breathe.”

How to enter

To enter, you can choose between two writing prompts, then follow the rules below. Pieces can be between 600-1700 words.

Prompt 1 (non-fiction): if you had a year free in front of you to write your first novel, what place would you choose to isolate and devote yourself to writing? Tell us how you would like to spend those long months writing your best story!

Prompt 2 (fiction): Imagine a story based on this information: Miia is a seven-year-old girl who lives with her parents in a house deep in the forest. She is never separated from her little teddy bear to whom she confides all her thoughts.

If you could use some ideas and tips to write better with Bear, check out 12 tips to read and write better in Bear, how (and why) to get started with Markdown, and the rest of our tips category.

Rules of the writing challenge

Five winners will be announced in Scribe’s June 20th newsletter!

Good luck everyone! May your muse be with you.