Checking in on Panda, the next Editor for Bear

Checking in on Panda, the next Editor for Bear

We’re hard at work on a major upgrade to the Editor inside Bear, code-named Panda. The first public version you could explore arrived in February, and since then we’ve made a lot of additions and improvements, many based on tester feedback.

There is still a long road to finishing the core of what Panda will become, then adding it to a major upgrade to the full Bear app and doing a beta test. But in terms of bringing some serious new power and flexibility to the way you work, Panda is coming along quite well.

In addition to the first preview features like tables, footnotes, a full switch to Markdown, a new custom editing keyboard on iOS, a new Sketcher, and document scanning, we’ve added even more goodies over the last few months:

  • Rich media link previews – The kind you see on Twitter or Reddit
  • Multi-Line tables cells – For when one line just won’t cut it
  • All-new Stats Bar – Toggle a live count of your words, characters, paragraphs, or read time always visible at the top of your workspace
  • Folding – Collapse large sections of a note, lists, and any headers H1-H6
  • Quick Look for multiple attachments, including folded attachments
  • Instant sketch edits – With an Apple Pencil, draw on an existing sketch in a note to immediately make changes
  • A new font – Bear Sans, derived from Clarika
  • Many more additions and changes you can sift through in our forum

You can help us test Panda for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, though please remember it is not ready for critical work. This is pre-beta, so treat it as a playground or side project for now, as we’re still in early building phase.

We’d love to hear your feedback and bug reports in our forum. Thanks for checking out Panda and the future of Bear!