Get ready for Bear 2

Your eyes do not deceive: A post like this means we’re getting close to launching Bear 2! This also means it’s about time to cover some recommendations and important details as we all get ready for the big day.

Prep steps

Assuming you already use the soon-to-be old ’n busted Bear 1, here are a few key tips to ensure the smoothest upgrade experience:

  • Backup your notes – It is never a bad idea to backup your Bear notes (and all your other important digital stuff). It’s super simple too!
    • iPhone and iPad: Settings > Import & Export
    • Mac: File > Backup notes
  • Do not delete Bear 1! On the big day, simply download Bear 2 as an update from the App Store. It will replace Bear 1 and import all your data on first run
    • This is super important if you don’t have Bear Pro with iCloud sync! Your data is only on your device (and hopefully your backups), so definitely don’t delete Bear
  • Bear 2 beta testers:
    • iOS: Do not delete the beta. Once 2.0 launches in the App Store, visit the app Store and click the download button. It will replace the beta, keep your data, and then you’ll be on the official, shipping version
    • Mac: Once you backup your notes, delete the Bear 2 beta app. Then visit the Mac App Store and download the new Bear 2. It should find your data and you’ll be up and running

Important details

Here’s a small dose of system requirements, a reminder about the price of Bear Pro changing for new customers, and more:

  • New system requirements: Bear 2 will slightly change Bear’s system requirements. Please make sure all your devices are up to date, otherwise do not update to Bear 2 on any of your devices:
    • Mac: macOS 11 or later
    • iOS: iOS and iPadOS 14 or later
    • watchOS: watchOS 4.0 or later
  • Bear 1 cannot sync with Bear 2 – Once you’re ready, Bear Pro users should be sure to upgrade to Bear 2 on all devices, as it will not sync with Bear 1
  • Support us on Product Hunt: If you have a Product Hunt account (or can create one), please click Notify Me and/or Follow on our Product Hunt page for Bear 2! Years ago, we launched the first Bear beta there and we’re grateful for their support
  • App Store Event: Visit Bear in the App Store on an iPhone or iPad to see our new Event card! It celebrates the launch of Bear 2, and you can click the bell to get notified when it’s out!

Almost there

Bear 2 is almost here and we couldn’t be more excited! We’d like to thank everyone for your feedback, beta testing, tweets, and everything else. Stay tuned!