Bear subreddit going dark to join community protest

The Bear subreddit is one of our most active communities for asking questions and sharing ideas around working in Bear. However, a major community wide protest is happening right now, and we have decided to temporarily shut down our subreddit in solidarity for at least the next 48 hours. This is worth it.

In the meantime, if you do have ideas or questions to share, please check out our forum, Twitter, or Facebook.

You can read about what’s going on in greater detail elsewhere, but here’s a TL;DR and a couple of important details from our personal perspective:

  • Nearly since Reddit’s inception, a broad variety of third-party apps have helped build the site into what it is today: the “front page of the internet”
  • These include user apps, moderation tools, bots that provide useful features and fun perks, and much more
  • With virtually no warning, Reddit recently decided to not only start charging to use its API—the gateway all these apps use to provide their features—but it set prices at astronomical, unrealistic levels
  • These exorbitant prices are clearly designed to drive away the majority of third-party tools
  • Many tools will need to shut down, including Apollo, one of the most popular apps from a fellow indie developer friend of ours, Christian Selig
  • The loss of these tools will objectively make Reddit a worse place to create, run, and participate in communities
  • We join this protest in the hope of convincing Reddit leadership to reexamine this decision and work with its community, without which Reddit would not exist

We’re sorry to temporarily close one of our largest communities, and we did not make this decision lightly. Hopefully, this situation will be just that—temporary. For now, if you have ideas or questions to share with us or fellow Bear users, please check out our forum, Twitter, or Facebook.